Deep Purple - Stormbringer (The Original Quadraphonic Mix in DTS)

Deep Purple – Stormbringer (The Original Quadraphonic Mix in DTS)
Audio Format: Digital Surround DTS 5.1

To play DTS CDs you need to have equipment that supports DTS and a surround sound system that is capable of decoding the DTS signal. Don’t play this on equipment that isn’t compatible because you’ll only hear static!
The Album Notes
Stormbringer is the ninth studio album by Deep Purple, released in December 1974. On this album, the soul and funk elements that were only hinted at on Burn are much more prominent. This shift in direction alienated some fans as well as Ritchie Blackmore, who departed the band not long after Stormbringer was released. Many fans consider Stormbringer to be a major turning point in the band, and the mark of an era’s end.
Product Description
The first in the series of three new Deep Purple remastered discs from Friday Music, “Stormbringer” the hugely successful Deep Purple album, marks its first release to a North American audience, after being out of print for almost two decades.
Recorded in 1974 as a follow-up to their multi- platinum release “Burn”, Ritchie Blackmore, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Ian Paice and Jon Lord forged ahead with a harder sound and continued their assault on audiences worldwide with “Stormbringer.”
With an apocalyptic entrance, the title track ” Stormbringer” kicks the album into a full gear. Blackmore, known for creating some of the finest and most familiar riffs in music history, continues his legendary roll with this metal anthem. Coverdale notches up another career defining song as well, which has followed him through his amazing run with Deep Purple and his own successful arena band Whitesnake.
Eight more incredible performances continue to thrill the listener including the Glenn Hughes melodic classic “Holy Man” and the rocking “Lady Double Dealer”, which features the solid back beat of Ian Paice and Jon Lord, which became one of the more lasting tracks in their long list of fan favorites.
The bluesy ballad “Soldier Of Fortune” showcases the strength of David Coverdale’s writing and vocal ability, and is a fine close out to this sorely missed album. Newly remastered from the impeccable Warner Music vaults by Joe Reagoso (Procol Harum, David Lee Roth, Johnny Winter, Canned Heat, packaged with new liner notes, with the cd packaged in a very cool limited edition purple tray, welcome back this much heralded album for the first time on cd in almost two decades.

EC0939 Deep Purple – Stormbringer
Label: Warner Bros Record
Catalog#: WSTQ 2832-QF
Format: DTS CD  (The Original Quadraphonic Mix in DTS)
Details This is NOT an official DTS release
Released: 1975
Barcode: ***
Style: Hard Rock

Deep Purple – Stormbringer (The Original Quadraphonic Mix in DTS)
Songs written by Blackmore, Coverdale, Lord, Hughes, and/or Paice.
1. Stormbringer
The title track was the big hit from this album. It’s keyboard-driven rock, definitely similar to what the band performed on Burn, the preceding album. Definitely a solid song, worthy of being the album’s big hit.
2. Love Don’t Mean A Thing
Here’s a solid example of the band pushing itself further in the blues direction. While this shift definitely did do some alienation for the band, it also improved their sound in certain aspects. This is a good song, and goes to show that the shift wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.
3. Holy Man
One of the band’s best bluesy tunes. The song has a melodic, bluesy yet poppy sound to it, which in some ways sounds like an American southern rock ballad. The style works pretty well. A solid addition to the album.
4. Hold On
Another good little tune. Once again, it’s more bluesy that the Deep Purple of the past, but it’s a nice cross between pop and rock. Not too heavy, not too soft. It’s a great fusion of styles, and a solid song from start to finish.
5. Lady Double Dealer
Back to the straightforward classic hard rock – probably the whole reason you got into Deep Purple in the first place. This song is one of Mark Three Deep Purple’s best of its kind. If you fancy hard rock, this will be your favorite song on the album, more likely than not.
6. You Can’t Do It Right
More classic hard rock, this time featuring the bluesy touch you’d expect from Coverdale-era Deep Purple. Once again, the styles cross nicely, making for a classic Deep Purple tune you can’t help but love.
7. High Ball Shooter
And here’s another solid, bluesy rock tune. This is one of those songs that wouldn’t have been out of place on one of David Coverdale’s solo albums or one of the very early Whitesnake albums he did. Jon Lord’s organ is a particularly nice touch.
8. The Gypsy
Another one of the bluesy classic rock tunes. It actually sounds a lot like the title track, but with less keyboards. It’s a shame this one was never a big hit, because it’s quite the solid song.
9. Soldier Of Fortune
An excellent way to close the album. This one is actually a far cry from the other material present, in that it’s very slow-paced and melodic. A bluesy ballad of sorts, it’s definitely one of the most unique songs on the album. And a damn good closer.

No, Stormbringer isn’t the masterpiece its classic predecessor Burn is. But it’s still a worthy addition to the Deep Purple catalogue that belongs in your collection.
Deep Purple’s 9th studio album is performed by:
* Ritchie Blackmore lead guitar
* David Coverdale vocals
* Glenn Hughes bass guitar, vocals
* Jon Lord keyboards
* Ian Paice drums
Recorded in August 1974 at the Musicland Studios in Munich. Engineered by Martin Birch; assisted by Mack and Hans. Mixed at the Record Plant during September 1974, by Martin Birch and Ian Paice; assisted by Gary Webb and Garry Ladinsky.
Produced by Deep Purple and Martin Birch.


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